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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are The Sussex Wine Company?
    • We are an online supplier of fine wines enabling our customers the unique opportunity to learn more about the wines they choose. Based in Sussex we support small family run vineyards around the globe and forge relationships with them so that our customers are always being introduced to surprisingly wonderful tastes and flavours. We believe that enjoying wine enhances the quality of life and take pleasure in being able to provide wines for every budget that grace the tables of some of the finest restaurants in Britain.

    • Most of our wines cannot be bought on the high street and can only be found in professional restaurants.

  2. Do you sell online only?
    • We are a completely online wine merchant, there used to be a number of shops from The Sussex Wine Company, but these are no longer operating.

  3. What is the minimum purchase?
    • The minimum purchase regarding ordering bottles of wine is a case of 6, we sell in multiples of 6 following this.

  4. How long does delivery take?
    • Delivery normally takes 5-7 days and is delivered by our national courier.

  5. Is there a delivery charge?
    • Delivery is £9.95 inc vat as standard

  6. Do you deliver overseas?
    • We do deliver overseas, but the delivery will cost more depending on where we are sending the wine.

  7. How do I join the wine club?
    • If your interested in joining one of our wine club's please give us a call 0845 838 8722

  8. What if the bottle of wine I'm after is out of stock or from the same vineyard but not shown, can you get it for me?
    • Give us a call and we will look into it, because we are supplied from small vineyards, sometimes it is a case of the wine no longer exists and we have to update our site, we will do our best to track down our wines for you!

  9. How do I arrange a tasting?
    • Give us a call to arrange a tasting, tell us a time, date, where you would like it held, how many people you are expecting and we will see what we can do for you. This usually includes finding you an expert, some wine and providing excellent service.

  10. How do I arrange wine for a wedding?
    • Give us a call, tell us what wines you would like and we will send you out a tasting case, we’re afraid that we can’t offer this case for free, but we do deliver it for free. Once you’ve decided which wines you like we can arrange for the bottles to be delivered.

  11. How do i arrange for a cellar fitting?
    • One last time, give us a call! Tell us what kind of cellar you are looking for and we’ll discuss options with you over the phone and arrange for one of our specialist designers to come out to you measure the space available and discuss with you what you want. They'll then go away design you a cellar and if you like it (we have an excellent success rate!) we’ll get building it!


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