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Food and Wine Matching

Pairing or 'matching' food with wine advice is a service we happily provide. Whether you are choosing wine for a dinner party, wine for a barbecue or wine for a specific recipe, this section will help you to find your best food and wine match. To get you started here are a few top tips for food and wine matching when cooking: * Firstly: Never Cook with Wine You Would Not Drink! Alcohol in wine evaporates while the food is cooking and emphasizes the flavors of the wine. Instead keep your top end wines for drinking with your meal and use good quality, reasonably priced wine for cooking. * Dry White Wines such as fresh Sauvignon Blancs and buttery Chardonnays are great in creamy pasta sauces, chicken dishes, fish and seafood recipes. * Red Wines such as Pinot Noir and lighter bodied Zinfandels have low levels of tannins and are lovely in gravy, beef/ lamb/game dishes and spaghetti bolognese. * Genuine Spanish Sherry is a super addition to meat and pasta dishes adding real 'umph'. Opt for the medium Amontillado sherry. * Overall with all food and wine pairing, follow your own personal taste, instincts and do not be afraid to experiment.

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