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Beef by its nature, is a hearty dish in all its forms. Beef casseroles, cottage pie, chilli con carne, beefburgers, beef bourguignon and roast beef, are only a few delicious beef dishes to complement many wines on the market today. Big hearty red wines are perfect with all kinds of beef dishes. Beef is a food that gives you the opportunity to enjoy sumptuous Cabernet Sauvignon, New World Shiraz, more traditional Syrah as well as Merlot and New World Malbec. Also try Italian Barbera or Australian or Californian Zinfandel for something a little more 'fruity'. You could try a little 'surf and turf' with a good piece of Aberdeen Angus beef and Scottish Salmon. Wines from France's Bordeaux region, Spain's Rioja region or Argentina's Mendoza region are superb with beef dishes. Those tannin rich Italian wines are brought out very well by hearty beef dishes too. In fact Argentina, Italy, Spain and France are big meat eating countries and many of their wines are made to complement dishes with beef as the main ingredient. So if you are in doubt as to specific grape varieties, then experiment and let the wine region guide your choice of wine to match with beef. Most importantly always let your personal taste guide you. Over the following months we will be providing you with specific wine and beef recipe matches so keep checking back with us! Alternatively signup to our newsletter and receive the recipes directly to your inbox.

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