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Chilean Wine

Chilean wine has been in production for more than 500 years, but its renaissance today dates to the mid 1980s when modern production techniques arrived in the country, including steel fermentation techniques. The country has since risen to become the ninth largest wine producer in the world. The wines of Chile are full of fruit and are of extremely high quality. Even the lower price points deliver decent wines, including Concha y Toro, which many consumers may have seen on store shelves. Concha y Toro is no stranger to winemaking. It has been producing wines since 1883.

Cabernet Sauvignon grows extremely well in Chile and these wines are full bodied and deeply flavored, we are lucky enough to list two perfect examples of these from the J Lohr vineyards. With its state-of-the-art equipment and new techniques in making wine, Chile is the wine region to watch and you can look forward to increasingly better wines making their way into markets worldwide.

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